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How Exactly Do You Determine The Top 3 Minecraft Server Hosting Prices?

How exactly do you determine the top three Minecraft server hosting prices? That’s a debate that my wife and I were having over dinner last night. Some friends of hers were over for wine for a little while, and they were simultaneously entertained and also worried that we were arguing as a couple over something like that. I’ll admit, it’s not a typical fight for a married couple with kids to have, especially on a night the kids were out. But that’s why we had to talk about it last night. We’re trying to get on the same page to do something for the kids.

Our kids want to start spending their allowance money on their own Minecraft hosting. We’re certainly okay with that. Minecraft is fine by us, and it is their allowance. But we want to present them with the top three Minecraft server hosting prices. We want them to analyze, compare, and contrast the three, and then choose one. We’re hoping to treat it as a lesson in shopping around for the best deal so that they start learning how to spend money wisely when they are adults.

It does mean that my wife and I have to learn a bit about Minecraft ourselves in figuring out the three options we present the kids. Of course we’re vetting all the options for how they provide security and safety for minors with their servers, but what do we have the kids look at? Certainly one option is going to be the cheapest price, but what con will it have? What advantages should there be in paying a little more for another option?

Simple administration and ease of use of a server is one thing that could be a selling point for our kids to consider. They should be able to set something up with only a few clicks and no advanced knowledge or skills. Also, up-time and easy fixing are big deals. We want our kids to see that some options might mean more playtime and less maintenance than others.

Customer and tech support is something else to consider, as is a refund policy. We’re a little worried about burying our kids in too many details to consider, but we want to present them with three options that all have pros and cons, so they can learn to make a good financial decision, starting small with a game they are clearly passionate about.

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How Do Radars Work?

Everyone who has gotten a speeding ticket, who has flown in a car, who owns a radar detector has seen the results of radar technology. This is just about everyone in our society. With so many people having experienced radar technology, you would expect that the average person would know how it works but that is not the truth. The average person has no idea how radar works and if asked they would have to guess around while fumbling around the concept. In this article we will explain how it works and why it is so important.

Imagine you are a pilot, it is a cloudy day and day and you must deliver your passengers to their destination. How would you do that on a day that you can’t see much. Radar helps pilots do this every day. Radar sends out a signal that bounces off of objects, returns the signal and from that distance and topography can be determines. This is the way that pilots use radar to fly on rainy, cloudy and dark conditions. They are able to use the radar reading to know where things like mountains and other plains are. Radar can also listen for other radar signals as well.

Radar is also used a lot on land, to measure the speed of pitches thrown, to determine swing speed on launch monitors for golf and by law enforcement to give tickets to speeders. Radar has a ton of uses and it is a very valuable technology. It has been used for a very long time and will be continue to be used for several years to come.

As you can see, these are the basics of how radar works. It explains how a myriad of people use radar in every day life and for advanced purposes.

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Tips on How to Earn More Money by Selling your Old Stuff

Aside from the obvious financial benefits (and private blog network service), selling your old stuff free up space and minimize clutter too. If you own too much stuff, it’s time that you get rid of them once and for all. Holding on too outdated clothes, toys from childhood, and things that you do not use at all can be very bothersome. And if you have a lot of time to waste, make sure to make use of it in the most productive way- selling junk and generating extra money from this endeavor.

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow for your old-stuff-selling efforts to be a success!!

  • Only sell the items you honestly want to get rid of

Prepare a box where you can simply throw in the stuff that you really want to get rid of once and for all. Don’t be tempted to go back and pick-up stuff from that box again. This is your chance not only to earn extra cash, but also to make your life clutter free!!

  • Build a list and sell them in bulk

If you plan to sell your junk online, it is a bit tedious to upload individual pictures on eBay or upload single entry information on Craigslist. To optimize your time, make sure to list down all items to be sold in bulk. Upload all photos in bulk to make sure that you have everything you want to sell up for grabs.

  • Valuable vs Non Valuable Stuff

Try to spend a little bit of time thinking what are the things you really value and are useful versus those that you don’t really need in life. Try not to be sentimental during this activity. Make sure to monetize the value of things and remove the emotional attachment. In this way, you will be getting rid of things that are not as useful to you, or will not provide you long-term satisfaction in the event that you have decided to keep it for yourself.

  • Make sure to post valuable things online, and not-so expensive stuff for a yard sale

Obvious items of value should be posted online, as this will attract more potential buyers that can agree to your set prices. For items that are not considered as high-value products, you can put up a yard sale. Set the prices low so you are sure to get rid of them right away.

If you have made sale online and still have a few items left from your yard sale, do not hesitate to give them away as donation to charity instead! Not only do you earn money, but you’re helping the less fortunate as well!

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What Are the Top 3 Essential Oils Today?

If you have never heard of essential oils, then you might be surprised to know that they are some of the most interesting herbal remedies and natural cures that have come around in recent years. This is because rather than being just one kind of extract from a plant product, they in fact contain a wide variety of different nutrients and compounds that can all be beneficial to the body in different ways. That means that essential oils can have enormous benefits for health, wellness, and all around well being.

One of the most important essential oils these days is lavender. You might have seen lavender scented soaps or shampoos, but really lavender is a flower that provides an essential oil with a number of benefits. Mainly, lavender oil provides benefits to the skin in terms of reducing dryness and itching as well as alleviating some allergic symptoms. Lavender oil has also been reported to help with sinus issues as well as insomnia for some people.

Another important oil is peppermint oil. The scent of peppermint is very strong and pleasing to many people, but the health benefits can be quite amazing as well. In particular, peppermint oil is used to alleviate a number of different digestive issues. Benefits from peppermint oil are reported for heartburn as well as for diarrhea, which shows its powerful potential in this regard.

Another prominent essential oil that is seeing increased widespread use today is lemon oil. Even though lemons are very common, their oil has some special anti bacterial properties that make it particularly effective as an acne treatment, which is something that millions of people really need because existing acne treatments can even worsen skin problems due to the harsh chemicals that they usually contain.

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What will you do when your car dies when you less expect it?

Sometimes your car dies when you less expect it, putting you in the unpleasant situation of spending time and money to get it towed and repaired. This is normal, it can happen to all of us and there’s no other way to sort it out. However, your mechanic may call you soon after he gets to work on your car and tell you that you also need to change some belt, the water pump, the breaks and whoever knows what else. He is probably going to give you a cost estimate for the job. This is where you can use these tips to cut your costs a little.

1. Ask for a written estimate

Things that involve exchanging services for money should be written and agreed by both parties before any work is started. This is how you can eliminate further issues with hidden costs. You need to know exactly what services or jobs are included in a certain price in order to avoid getting overcharged.

2. Don’t let yourself oversold

If there’s no hurry, you can ask for quotes from other car repair shops in your area. This is a good thing to do, as you may discover the first mechanic was trying to rip you off.

You can find such shops on the AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Network, to give you only an example where to start your search from. A Google search would probably do as well, but you ,may need further information about various companies, so that you make sure they provide high quality services.

3. Do the maintenance as schedules in the manual

Cars come with an owner’s manual that describes routine maintenance jobs and the intervals when they should be performed. Always do them as scheduled if you want to minimize the unexpected malfunctions of various parts that wear out. If the manufacturer recommends to change he oil and the filters every 5,000 or 10,000 miles, stick to the recommendation no matter what various mechanics may say. Some of them may want to persuade you to change your oil every 2,000 miles, but this would only be a waste of money for you, since the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. It’s not going to harm the car, that’s for sure, but it’s going to hit a little bit your wallet.

This is the best tip to cut your car repair costs: do the regular maintenance as instructed by the manufacturer (and don’t forget to get cheap car insurance).