Scarpati Indian Taming

'Our method is a philosophy of life applied to the treatment of horses.
We have learnt to think as a horse, feel as horses do, then we tame horses.
Our main commitment is to horses.'

What is Scarpati Indian Taming?
When we refer to Scarpati Indian Taming, we are not only speaking about a method to educate and train horses, we are referring  to something much more complete; the love of a life applied to working with horses.
The Scarpati family is identified directly with the history of the Ranquel Indians and their peaceful connection with nature and within it, horses. The Ranquel adored Mother Nature, believed we are her children and brothers to all other living creatures that share this earth. For the Ranquel, the horse was sacred, respected and it’s nature understood. For the Scarpati family, the horse is sacred.   
Based upon this philosophy the Scarpati family applied and developed all the concepts and methods that are now used on wild, traumatised or nervous horses.

About the Scarpatis

Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati are a father and son and a team that for years have taught the method with which they tame horses. They strive to demonstrate that the use of violence is not only unnecessary, but also counter productive.
Oscar has educated horses for 50 years and has taught his family and thousands of students to apply his techniques.
Cristobal has been Oscar’s main disciple since childhood. He has accompanied Oscar throughout his mission to help horses and people build harmonious relationships.  
Their aim is to preserve the mental and physical health of the horse by teaching us the methods to do so.  
Today they live as a family on their farm in the province of San Luis in Argentina. From this base they take their knowledge to wherever it is required through courses, conferences and demonstrations. They have been highly recognised and their methods admired by professionals and lovers of the horse world.
Humility and simplicity define the Scarpati family and they make it very clear that these qualities are not considered virtues but tools for success with horses.

The Difference

In contrast with most known methods, taming is established body-to-body in a natural game similar to that used in a herd of horses. Hierarchy is established in a language completely understandable to the horse.

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Acts that are widely considered dangerous (due to the intense physical contact between horse and tamer) become safety techniques and methods by which the horses quickly lose the fear (spooking/sensibility) which renders them so unpredictable. The removal of fear (spooking/sensibility) using the Scarpati method guarantees a loyal relationship with an untamed horse. This relationship, carefully established in the first days of work, will last a lifetime.
Starting untamed horses and treating problem horses
The Scarpati also work with breeders, sportsmen and aficionados who seek solutions for their horses.
Untamed horses: In a couple of days the Scarpati can commence the taming and education of untamed horses. This also includes training the people who will continue ongoing work and care of the horse.
Problem horses: Diagnose the cause of certain behaviour and find in each case the solution for these problems. These problems are understood as: aggressiveness, fear, spooks and bad habits.

Scarpati International

The Scarpati services transcended the borders of Argentina in 2005. Since then, they have helped and taught horses and people in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador. Their courses and demonstrations are considered original and innovative for their extraordinary natural and simple treatment of horses.
To whom is Scarpati Indian Taming directed?
The Scarpati method is directed at everyone and applicable to all horses, not just untamed horses. It helps build relationships between horses and people at any level they are at and improves a horse’s self esteem at any stage of it’s life.

Scarpati Indian Taming at Golden Pond April 21st, 2013

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