Foreign language is not difficult

Since childhood, we have been taught that if you want something, then this can only be achieved by hard work and french to english.

And in the end, it seems to many that only the elite can master a foreign language, that for this you need to have a penchant for languages, and if you don’t have the ability, then there is only one option – to work hard.

But why do you want to know a foreign language? Hardly in order to work hard and routinely. On the contrary, consciousness draws bright prospects, such as business trips to foreign countries, attendance at interesting events, acquaintance and communication with foreigners. What else? You just turn on the TV, where they speak a foreign language, and understand everything, take any book – read it with pleasure, without stumbling over complex phrases.

In other words, your true desires have nothing to do with what you are trying to force yourself to do.

Many people think: “I don’t have enough motivation, I have been trying for several years…”. Not at all! With motivation, everything is just fine with you, otherwise, why do you return to this idea for such a long time, despite numerous failures?

So how do you still learn a language and english to marathi if you didn’t succeed in it in the past?

Grab yourself with something
Love to read?
You don’t have to wait until you become fluent in the language.

Currently, there are many adapted books. The simplest of them are for level A1 (beginner). Therefore, even if you are completely new, you can still understand what is written there and reading will be a good practice for you.

You can find dozens of such books in French, and in English, I can’t even begin to count – there are a lot of books of different levels!

Love to chat?
Down with your usual account in Russian! Create a new account for yourself, find language exchange sites and start chatting with native speakers!

Do you like to watch movies/series?
Find movies with a French language track and/or subtitles.

Do what is easy for you
Do you spend anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours on the road? Are you waiting in line somewhere?
Install a training program on your phone, take an adapted book or textbook with you.

If you are driving, then audio books or audio lessons in a foreign language will help you.

Do you have music on all the time?
Find songs by foreign artists or turn on the radio of the country whose language you are learning.

It may seem that all this is too simple. But believe me, if instead of taking long breaks between “serious” studies, you would study in this way, your knowledge of the language would be 1-2 levels higher than now.

Positive effects:
Radio, songs, movies with subtitles
The very first effect that you will notice is that you will begin to perceive speech not as something continuous, but will distinguish between individual words and phrases (when they say “speech is like music”, this means that they don’t understand the language at all).
You will see a new word and already know how to pronounce it. After all, more than once you had to rack your brains over pronunciation when you saw an unfamiliar word? Now there will be fewer such words!
Your speech will be more correct. You will notice that you already know how to say certain things. Still, because you have heard it more than once!
Communication with native speakers
Even if you use a dictionary to write messages and transcribe answers with might and main, very soon you will be convinced that you have memorized common phrases, as well as the most commonly used words.
You will find that when you want to say something, then … the words are found! And this is very important. Many people lose sight of this skill, as a result, the following picture often turns out: “I understand what is written and said aloud, but I can’t say it myself.”
In order for all language skills to be developed equally, you definitely need to practice expressing thoughts, and communication on forums and chats will help you a lot in this.