What is apostille when used?

Traveling from one country to another, moving for permanent residence or study, distance education abroad – all these are cases when the use of a foreign language is required. But the documents that are required to be provided in one case or another are not enough just to translate. The translation agency w

ill definitely tell you about the apostille. Apostille is a form of legalization of documents, after which they are accepted for consideration by the authorities of other countries. This is considered a simplified form of legalization, an alternative to legalizing papers at a consulate or embassy.

What documents are subject to legalization?
Apostille is a seal or stamp. They can be colored or black and white. Such a sign can be affixed both on the legalized document itself, and on a separate sheet, which is attached to the package of papers.

But this method of legalization will be considered only in countries that have signed the Hague Convention. The list of documents that are accepted in these states includes:

birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates;
medical records;
documentation issued by government authorities.
What does the print look like?
What should be indicated in the apostille? First of all, this is the name of the state where the document was certified. The apostille must also indicate the name of the institution that issued it, the surname and position of the person who made the entry, his signature, and the date. Each stamp must also have an individual number. It must be drawn up in French or English (or in the language of the country where it was created, but only in the case of duplication in two official languages).

Thus, an apostille is a convenient form of legal certification of papers, which makes it possible to shorten the time required for preparing a package of documents.

But it is worth knowing that the document to be apostilled should not be laminated, worn, with poorly readable inscriptions or corrections, stains, and so on. To apostille papers, you can contact a company that translates documents.