How is the confidentiality of information at a translation agency ensured?

In the modern world, information is given special importance, since it is, in fact, a factor of production, and without it, almost any human activity is impossible. In the 21st century, business has reached a new level, and nowadays many companies cooperate with each other internationally. Therefore, now the services for the translation of documents, which are carried out in a translation agency, are especially in demand.

The information that the customer transfers to this organization may be of a different nature, including confidential. In this case, he must be sure that secret information will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Therefore, translation agencies provide measures to preserve confidential information.

How is data privacy ensured?
Organizations are very responsible in choosing the employees who will have access to information. It is mandatory to sign a non-disclosure agreement, without which the translator has no right to start work. This agreement must be signed by all employees of the organization, however, access to confidential information is strictly limited.

For the work of translators, technical means are allocated, strictly protected by reliable anti-virus programs. Access to computers, tablets and other equipment is also limited by passwords. For additional monitoring of employees, cameras are often installed in the offices of translation agencies.

As soon as the work is completed, employees are required to turn in all materials at their disposal (in printed and electronic form) provided by the customer. They are either passed back to the client or destroyed.

The confidentiality agreement has no statute of limitations, so classified information cannot be disclosed even after many years have passed since the customer has contacted the organization.

Proper fulfillment of the terms of the contract is the key to a positive image of the company, therefore translation agencies provide their clients with complete safety of confidential information.