What Are the Top 3 Essential Oils Today?

If you have never heard of essential oils, then you might be surprised to know that they are some of the most interesting herbal remedies and natural cures that have come around in recent years. This is because rather than being just one kind of extract from a plant product, they in fact contain a wide variety of different nutrients and compounds that can all be beneficial to the body in different ways. That means that essential oils can have enormous benefits for health, wellness, and all around well being.

One of the most important essential oils these days is lavender. You might have seen lavender scented soaps or shampoos, but really lavender is a flower that provides an essential oil with a number of benefits. Mainly, lavender oil provides benefits to the skin in terms of reducing dryness and itching as well as alleviating some allergic symptoms. Lavender oil has also been reported to help with sinus issues as well as insomnia for some people.

Another important oil is peppermint oil. The scent of peppermint is very strong and pleasing to many people, but the health benefits can be quite amazing as well. In particular, peppermint oil is used to alleviate a number of different digestive issues. Benefits from peppermint oil are reported for heartburn as well as for diarrhea, which shows its powerful potential in this regard.

Another prominent essential oil that is seeing increased widespread use today is lemon oil. Even though lemons are very common, their oil has some special anti bacterial properties that make it particularly effective as an acne treatment, which is something that millions of people really need because existing acne treatments can even worsen skin problems due to the harsh chemicals that they usually contain.