Tips on How to Earn More Money by Selling your Old Stuff

Aside from the obvious financial benefits (and private blog network service), selling your old stuff free up space and minimize clutter too. If you own too much stuff, it’s time that you get rid of them once and for all. Holding on too outdated clothes, toys from childhood, and things that you do not use at all can be very bothersome. And if you have a lot of time to waste, make sure to make use of it in the most productive way- selling junk and generating extra money from this endeavor.

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow for your old-stuff-selling efforts to be a success!!

  • Only sell the items you honestly want to get rid of

Prepare a box where you can simply throw in the stuff that you really want to get rid of once and for all. Don’t be tempted to go back and pick-up stuff from that box again. This is your chance not only to earn extra cash, but also to make your life clutter free!!

  • Build a list and sell them in bulk

If you plan to sell your junk online, it is a bit tedious to upload individual pictures on eBay or upload single entry information on Craigslist. To optimize your time, make sure to list down all items to be sold in bulk. Upload all photos in bulk to make sure that you have everything you want to sell up for grabs.

  • Valuable vs Non Valuable Stuff

Try to spend a little bit of time thinking what are the things you really value and are useful versus those that you don’t really need in life. Try not to be sentimental during this activity. Make sure to monetize the value of things and remove the emotional attachment. In this way, you will be getting rid of things that are not as useful to you, or will not provide you long-term satisfaction in the event that you have decided to keep it for yourself.

  • Make sure to post valuable things online, and not-so expensive stuff for a yard sale

Obvious items of value should be posted online, as this will attract more potential buyers that can agree to your set prices. For items that are not considered as high-value products, you can put up a yard sale. Set the prices low so you are sure to get rid of them right away.

If you have made sale online and still have a few items left from your yard sale, do not hesitate to give them away as donation to charity instead! Not only do you earn money, but you’re helping the less fortunate as well!